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New Buffalo Michigan Photos Updated

New Buffalo Michigan Lighthouse and Beach

I added some new photos to the New Buffalo photo gallery.

New Buffalo is a great place. It’s a short drive from Chicago so it’s great for a day trip or a weekend getaway. It’s a small beach town at the Southwest corner of Michigan with some nice little shops and restaurants. One of my favorite places there was the Stray Dog Restaurant. It caught fire in the summer of 2012 and was torn down. Good news is it’s being rebuilt so hopefully they keep some of the atmosphere that made it great.

One of the more familiar sights is the lighthouse. It sits at the entrance to the beach among the rolling dunes and beach grass. Because the lighthouse is on land instead of a Jetty it makes for some unique pictures.

Photo of New Buffalo Michigan lighthouse and beach grass. New Buffalo is a popular beach community in Southwest Michigan in the United States. (Paul Velgos)

Photo of New Buffalo Michigan lighthouse and beach grass.  (Paul Velgos)

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Cincinnati Glencoe-Auburn Place

Cincinnati Glencoe-Auburn Place Hotel and Row Houses

Glencoe-Auburn Place in Cincinnati is unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s almost like a different world. And if you weren’t looking for it you’d never know it was there. You’re driving through comfy Cincinnati Mount Auburn suburbia and take a turn down a rather normal looking street. Within a block you think you’ve run into a movie set for an end-of-the-world apocalypse movie. Abandoned boarded up buildings, graffiti, weeds taller than people, and broken windows. The Glencoe-Auburn complex was built in the late 1800’s and consists of row house apartment buildings and the Glencoe-Auburn Hotel. Originally designed for the wealthy, by the mid-1900’s it was mainly inhabited by low income tenants and had fallen into disrepair and was later abandoned. In the early 2000’s it was recognized as a historic district. These are part of my Cincinnati photo gallery.

It’s eerie. Ominous. And great for pictures.

Abandoned Glencoe-Auburn Hotel in Cincinnati Ohio. The Glencoe-Auburn Hotel and Glencoe-Auburn Place Row Houses were built in the late 1800's and are listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. The complex is currently abandoned and in extremely poor condition. (Paul Velgos)


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Chicago Canvas Wrap Prints Now Available

I am now offering stretched canvas wrap prints of Chicago and will be adding California and other images as options soon. Canvas Wraps are currently very popular and are the one inch thick frame where the canvas print wraps around the edges.

Single Panel Canvas Wrap Prints

Single canvas wrap prints are available for ordering directly through this website on the “Products” tab when you click “Add to Cart” in the photo gallery.  The following sizes are available through online ordering:

  • 10″x15″
  • 16″x24″
  • 20″x30″
  • 24″x36″
  • 30″x40″

Three Panel Triptych Canvas Wrap Prints

Three panel Giclée stretched canvas wrap prints (Triptych) and also available by contacting me directly. These are also approximately one inch thick and the image is separated into three individual canvas wraps to form the whole image. Initially I’m offering a three panel triptych with dimensions are 36″ x 27″ where each panel is 12″ x 27″.  Additional sizes and two panel (Diptych) Giclée stretched canvas wrap prints can be available by request.

  • 36″ x 27″ (Three 12″ x 27″ Panels)

Chicago Digital Art and Paintings

I’m now offering digital fine art paintings of some of my Chicago photography.

These offer a slightly unique twist of popular Chicago attractions such as the Chicago skyline, Buckingham Fountain, Chicago Theatre, and Wrigley Field.

Prints and canvas wraps are available in a wide variety of sizes by ordering online through the website.

Here’s an example. I’ve added several more to a gallery named Fine Art Digital Paintings.

Digital painting photo of Chicago Hell. Image has the  Chicago skyline at night with the Hancock building in a distorted evil looking red fiery inferno nightmare. (Paul Velgos)

Digital painting photo of Chicago Hell. Image has the Chicago skyline at night with the Hancock building in a distorted evil looking red fiery inferno nightmare. (Paul Velgos)


New Newport Beach California Photos

Some new Newport Beach California photos are available to buy as prints at my Photoshelter website and some are available to license as stock photos at my Getty Images portfolio. These images are from early 2010 and include Newport Pier, Balboa Peninsula, Dory Fishing Fleet Market, Balboa Fun Zone, Balboa Island Ferry, Balboa Peninsula, The Wedge, Newport Jetty, Balboa Peninsula, Balboa Market, and a lot of familiar Newport Beach sights.

I found out a few things have changed since I took these photos. The famous old Balboa Market has been torn down and is now a parking lot. I was able to capture a few images while it was still standing including the Balboa Market Sign. And the Balboa Fun Zone bumper cars, carousel and some other attractions no longer exist and have been replaced by the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum.

Picture of Newport Beach sunrise along the Pacific Ocean. Taken from Balboa Peninsula Beach in Orange County Southern California. High resolution photo. (Photographer: Paul Velgos)


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