Catalina Island Pictures Now Available

My portfolio is now updated with a whole new section for Catalina Island pictures.

I hadn’t been to Catalina Island in a long time and decided it was time to take a trip to get in some photos. Catalina Island is a really popular day trip destination for the Southern California crowd. It’s like a mini tropical island but just off the coast of Southern California and one of my favorite places.

Catalina Island is definitely a unique place. It changed hands a bunch of times until the Wrigley chewing gum family took over in the early 1900’s and shaped it into what it is today. If you want to go there the most popular way is on a ferry like the Catalina Flyer in Newport Beach or Catalina Express which has service from Long Beach, San Pedro and Dana Point. You can also get there by helicopter, boat, and plans charters. There are very few cars on the island and there aren’t any available to rent. A lot of the cars are odd little mini-trucks I’ve never seen anywhere else. To get around you can rent golf carts, bicycles, or go on a vehicle tour.

Avalon is the main city on Catalina Island. The Avalon business district is only a few blocks square with a bunch of great open air restaurants and bars that overlook Avalon Bay. Beyond that, it’s all steep hills and mountains. Everywhere. Literally. So bring comfy shoes, some strong legs, and water. Last time I was there a water restriction was in place due to a water shortage. One of the most popular attractions is the Catalina Casino. Way back in the day I thought it was a gambling casino but nope, it’s a theater. There are also glass bottom boats where you can see and or feed Catalina Island’s famous orange Garibaldi fish. There’s also a golf course and if you’re into more adventurous stuff there’s the Zip Line Eco Tour. One thing I’ll miss is the old Catalina Stables horseback riding which closed back in 2008. They offered guided horse tours up into the mountains and I’m glad I had the opportunity to go.

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Catalina Island Avalon Bay

Catalina Island Avalon Bay Picture

Catalina Island Avalon Bay at Night

Catalina Island Avalon Bay at Night Picture










Catalina Island Casino at Night

Catalina Island Casino at Night Picture










Catalina Island Via Casino Archway in Black and White

Catalina Island Via Casino Archway










Catalina Island Avalon Bay Retro Panorama

Catalina Island Avalon Bay Retro Panorama






Catalina Island Avalon Bay Panorama

Catalina Island Avalon Bay Panorama Photo


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