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Photoshelter vs. Photodeck Photography Website Review

Update: Photoshelter vs. Photodeck Review One Year Update

How do I feel after a year and half of using both? Read this review and then see the supplemental update at

Photoshelter vs. Photodeck Backstory

This part covers why I switched. If you just want the comparison you should probably skip this section and go to Photoshelter vs. Photodeck.

First the disclaimer. I’m a photographer, not a professional reviewer. These are simply some of my notes and observations as a customer of both systems. And since I sell prints and stock photography the information here is slanted toward those offerings. Lastly while I try to be accurate I may have missed a thing or two.

I’ve had a Photoshelter website on their “classic” platform for a few years now. About a year ago I added a Graph Paper Press template to my Photoshelter website which I did a post about at Overall I’ve been satisfied with Photoshelter but a few things happened recently that made me start to look at other options.

The problems. I ran into another photographer and they asked to see some of my work. So I got out my iPhone and pulled up my website to try and show them some images. It was painful. I had to push, pull and pinch to get an image to display right. Then after all that maneuvering I clicked “next” and five seconds later the image came up and the push, pull and pinch started over again. I didn’t end up showing him much of anything. Later that month I got a call from a potential customer saying he’s trying to use my website to find an image using his phone and it was pretty difficult. “Not a huge deal” I thought. How many people really use a mobile device for serious website browsing? I checked Google Analytics maybe a year ago and mobile traffic was minimal. So I checked again. Wow! One-third of my traffic is from mobile devices. Of that, a little under half is IPhones and the other half is IPads with a small mix of other phones and tablets. So I then tried to use my website on my Ipad. The experience was better than on the IPhone but it was still pretty old school. Like on the IPhone I had to push, pinch and wait a few seconds for the next image to load. Yeech.

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